Born into a military family, I grew up on the move, constantly being introduced to new places, people, and terrain. My older brother is also an artist, though he focused on commercial art, and is now a highly skilled tech illustrator.  When kids, we were always involved in creating art projects and dancing to the latest Top 10.  He was fortunate enough to have art classes in junior and senior high school.  Though not that lucky myself, I had the best next thing:  He was willing to teach me what he learned.   

          With college came formal art instruction.  It was exhilarating being the proverbial sponge soaking up everything in sight:  painting, drawing, graphic design, weaving, printmaking, ceramics, art history and fashion construction.  At that time, fashion design and ceramics captivated me the most.  My heroes were Picasso, Dali, Chanel,  Bosch, Gaudi, and Yves St. Laurent.  When not making art, you could find me on the dance floor.

          Following graduate school at Colorado University in Boulder in ceramics and drawing, I spent three years doing very little art.  However, I avidly visited galleries, museums; and, of course danced at every opportunity ― especially during two of those years when living in Europe and North Africa.
About Blazin
 Arapaho Spires
ceramic lidded sculpture
12” H  x 12.5” L x 10” W
Blue and White Porcelain Dinnerware
dinner plate: 11” diameter
Celestial Revelry
acrylic on canvas
36” H  x 72” L x 2” D
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