Dervish Clouds Shimmering
in Ecstasy
acrylics on paper  (c) 2004
image:  13-1/8”W x 11”H
Galactic Convergence
m/m paper collage  (c) 2003
image:  51-1/2”W x 12”H
Monument Valley Aria
  acrylics & wood on canvass  (c) 1994
image:  8’1”W x 5’H
“Blazin’s work is infused with life, joyfulness and play.  Even after living with a piece for years, the colors lift my spirits and the compositions continue to be endlessly interesting!”

Catherine F. High
Port Ludlow, WA
It’s Circus Time! aka I Circus, You, Circus, They Circus
acrylics on paper  (c) 1989
image:  diptych:  26””W x 40”H per panel
Cosmic Faultline
acrylic paper collage  (c) 1997
image:  25-1/2”W x 38”H
Mojave Aurora Borealis
acrylics on paper  (c) 1993
image:  23-1/2”W x 18”H

Accenture, San Francisco, CA
Frank, Rimerman & Co, Palo Alto and SF, CA
American College of California, San Francisco, CA 
UXL Management Pty Ltd, Adelaide, Australia
Farella, Braun & Martell, San Francisco, CA 
Wessel Associates, San Francisco, CA
Applied Vacuum Technology, Laguna Niguel, CA Disrud & Associates, Healdsburg, CA
ALX Technologies, Oakland, CA
Aetos, Menlo Park, CA
Hillcrest Country Club, Long Grove, IL
Nagelburg & Resnick, Chicago, IL
GAI Management, Dallas, TX
Holy Names College, Oakland, CA
Pathways Institute, San Rafael, CA
Acura Showroom, Pleasanton, CA “We are absolutely thrilled with the Blazin artwork we have in our home.  We entertain quite a bit; and it never fails that the minute guests come in the house, they look at her art and are mesmerized.  Every day, as we walk by, we look long and hard at each piece, never tiring of the beauty and warmth that emanate from them.  Her art brings much joy to us.”

Clyde Madsen and Janet Harmon
Laguna Nigel, CA
Ritual of the Dream Dancers
pastels and acrylics on paper  (c)1988
image:  triptych:  26-5/8””W x 34”H per panel
Desert Showers
monotype collage  (c) 1993
image:  23-1/2”W x 18”H
Etude at Dusk
monotype  (c) 1997
image: 14-3/4”W x 19”H
Solar Corona Cotillion
acrylics on paper  c) 2006
image: 24”W x 18”H
Midnight Galaxy Flirting with Daybreak
acrylics on paper  c) 2004
image: 19-1/2”W x 16”H
Samasati Song
acrylics on paper  (c) 2005
image: 19-1/2”W x 16”H
“Blazin’s art has become another member of my family — both at home and in the office.  Whether early pen and ink drawings, ceramic sculptures, Critters, prints or paintings, I’m inspired upon awaking each morning and again when greeted in the lobby of my business.  I’ve also had the pleasure of gifting a few pieces to friends and family members who’ve enjoyed them immensely.  Without a doubt, life is infinitely more pleasurable with Blazin and her fabulous, creative art.”

Sherris Goodwin
San Francisco, CA
Suspended in a Sunrise Meditation
monotype (c) 2005
image: 30”W x 22”H
A Partial List

Rod Wessel & Larry Madsen, SF, CA
Sherris Goodwin, SF, CA
Karen Hagelund & Jim Peterson, SF, CA
Marian Buchanan Egbert, Menlo Park, CA
Clyde Madsen & Janet Harmon, Laguna Nigel, CA
Francis Beverly, SF, CA
Rick & Beth Clise, Adelaide, Australia
Vito Palmieria, Walnut Creek, CA
Steven Shanon, SF, CA
Eric Joe, SF, CA
Mari Steeno, Ashland, OR
Catherine & Gary High, Port Ludlow, WA
Lisa Baker, SF, CA
Gregory Moloney, SF, CA
Jan Ropers, Munich, Germany
Nic Pray, Richmond, CA
Susan Lang & Robert Levenson, Woodside, CA
Cristina Campbell & Tim DeWolf, Berkeley, CA
Manfred Mackeben, SF, CA
Jennifer Herman, SF, CA
Norman & Carolyn Nie, Los Altos Hills, CA
Lutz Erbring & Katharina Mensing, Berlin, Germany
Ted Patrick & Mark Gonzales-Guiterrez, SF, CA
Kathryn Clubb & Linda Reid, New York, NY 
Michelle Modena & Kelly Hayden, SF, CA
Sue Rodine, Des Moines, IA
Kate Bales, Adelaide, Australia
Max Madsen & Sue Noorda, Salt Lake City, UT
John Carr & Chris Creekbaum, Moraga, CA
Bryan & Anne Polster, Los Altos Hills, CA
Jennifer & Michael Mack, SF, CA
Betty Theodore & Gregory Fisher, SF, CA
Sharon Van Epps, Brooklyn Park, MN
John & Susan Twiggs, Marshfield, WI
Gary Suto, New Brunswick, NJ
Alex Francis, Oakland, CA
Karen Schwartz, SF, CA
Rob Cabrera, San Leandro, CA
Geoffrey Hayes, SF, CA
Ron Morrison, SF, CA
Randy Damron, SF, CA
Kathy Powell, Pleasant Hill, CA
Jane Weil and Ric Fink, SF, CA
“Creativity and spirit are reflected in Blazin’s artwork.  The colors are vibrant, yet soothing, beckoning you to become part of the beauty they bestow upon you.  I enjoy experiencing and sharing her talents.  She brings great joy to my life.”
Eric R. Joe
San Francisco, CA
Clouds on the Move
acrylics on canvass  (c) 1993
image: 3’W x 3’H
Monument Valley Aria
in conference room at AETOS, Menlo Park
          The following represent a small selection of works in corporate and private collections.  They are shown here in appreciation to all who have collected my work, and also to give a broader view of the scope of my art.  Commissions are welcome.  Again, works vary greatly in size; and all are copyright protected.
“Blazin’s work speaks to me and touches something in my spirit.”

Karen Hagelund
San Francisco, CA