Welcome to my world and art!
          Outside the studio and off the dance floor, daily life finds my feet pretty much on the ground.  When painting, however, my spirit takes off.  It’s out gallivanting through space; soaring amongst the galaxies.  It keeps company with layers upon layers of other life forms — families and communities of cosmic entities going about their missions in syncopated harmony.  They skip through sunsets, flirt with constellations, set out on pilgrimages, and toe-stomp to celestial melodies.  Each image offers a glimpse into an abundantly alive, uncharted universe.
          When in the woodworking studio it’s play of a different sort.  Scraps of lumber and found hardware are constructed into whimsical, fictitious creatures, affectionately dubbed “The Critters.”  Oftentimes these critters are functional.  Some have grown up into tables and lamps.  Others are lidded boxes.  Still others have one — and only one — purpose in life:  To capture your heart and never let go!
          With or without feet on the ground, life for me is richly colored, animated and upbeat.  It’s no surprise the art emerging from my studio wholeheartedly follows suit.
Ms. Chili Bean
table :wood, paint, hardware and Espirit de Corps
37”H x 29”L x 15”W
Now happily living on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco
Charioteers on a Mission
acrylics on paper  
image: 13-1/2”W x 11”H
framed:  20”W x 24”